Protests: Another Roadside Distraction

Posted: January 21, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Well written. Hope to ser more from the author soon!

The Virginia Freeman's Society

Cole Younger worked with the 24th STS prior to 9/11 and later at the Special Warfare School (SWCS) post-9/11. He was gracious enough to pen this and we would all do well to heed the information contained therein. As protests begin to ramp up in DC and pieces on the chess game of state begins to move at a more rapid pace, it would serve us well to understand who the pawns are…and who aren’t. Simply because you aren’t considering second and third order ramifications, doesn’t mean others are not intensely interested and invested into manipulating and mobilizing segments of the public. Protests and media can be just as effective in 4GW as a convertible ride through Dallas, and not half as disconcerting to those blindly casting a ballot and hoping for the best.

Jesse James

The first action of any government is to keep the proletariat “fat, dumb and happy”…

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