Update on Amy

Posted: February 2, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

As I posted earlier- our daughter Amy’s car was hit head on by another car at about 4:45 am.                  The driver of the car that hit Amy’s car died at scene of accident. There was a witness to the accident who I would like to thank if I knew his name. This person called my son in law to let him know Amy had been in an accident-and he attempted to perform first aid on Amy. He also checked on the other driver and found no signs of life. He broke the window glass to try and help Amy get out of car. He could not get her out due to damage done to car.  It took the EMS/EMT/Fire dept. people 45-55 minutes to cut Amy out of car.

Amy is being taken into surgery now to repair broken ankle. She has multiple cuts and severe bruising all over her body. Her knee is injured badly but not broken as far as docs can tell at this point.

She may have some broken ribs, but that isn’t a primary concern right now as all the scans and x-rays show no severe breaks.

There’s damage to her shoulder and hip from seat belts.

One of the tendons or ligaments in her ankle is torn and pulled a piece of bone off as it was torn.

It really really sucks seeing Amy crying for hours because she’s in so much pain. She can’t have more pain meds now because she’s going into surgery. They have given her a lot of pain meds but nothing is working.

Thank God she had her seat belt on and all the air bags deployed.

That and my son in law was off work today, so their 2 youngest kids were home with him not in the car with Amy on their way to day care.

I’m hoping that after surgery she will be zonked out from anesthesia and will be able to sleep for a while.









    • gamegetterII says:

      The docs missed a fracture,so she’s got right foot/ankle broken and repaired with piuns/plates/screws and a fractured left tibia.
      She isn’t in so much pain and looks better/feels a bit better.
      She’s getting out of bed and into a chair,so she can sit up for a couple hours at a time.
      refuses to use a bedpan-she’s stubborn just like her dad.
      She will go from hospital to a rehab facility so she can learn to get around as much as possible,and be able to take care of herself.
      We have the two older kids-5 and 9,and son in law’s parents have the younger two,3 year old and 6 months old so son in law can go to work.

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  1. My thoughts are with you and your family friend.
    She will be fine, you’ll see.

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