The hatred for President Trump is beyond ridiculous

Posted: February 5, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Cry and Howl

Folks, we have a minimum of four years of nothing but negative “reports” and articles from the major media about President Trump and his administration. Nothing but negative. I mean if he eats his main dinner course with a salad fork you’d think he’s a devil right out of the bowels of hell! Maybe he returned a VHS tape 20 years ago and didn’t rewind it … “weasel!” How about when he tore the mattress tag off … “Impeach the bastard!”

Here are a few headlines from the political section of Yahoo News …

Trump’s not Orwellian. He’s the distracter-in-chief.  (dumbass can’t even spell)

#BowlingGreenMassacre: Conway’s alternative fact becomes a joke — and an opportunity

Chelsea Clinton takes to Twitter to knock the new White House

White House defends Trump’s shot at Schwarzenegger as a ‘lighthearted moment’ in a ‘beautiful’ prayer breakfast speech

Sen. Murkowski on defying Trump: ‘I cannot live in fear of…

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