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The Virginia Freeman's Society

In 2000 the CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco, laughed the Netflix executives out of the building as well as their offer of a buyout for $50M. By the first quarter of 2016 Netflix was valued at $41B and Blockbuster was celebrating the 6th anniversary of its bankruptcy. Agincourt, Somalia, the Alamo, Trasimene, the invasion of Gallipoli, the Bay of Pigs, Waterloo, Little Big Horn…most have now become synonyms for failure, or at the very least have made it into textbooks as cautionary tales. When outside stimuli are no longer allowed to sufficiently influence your behavior or decision making process, it is inevitable you will eventually make decisions worthy of being used as a cautionary tale. We laugh and mock those who have made such colossal mistakes and some of the smarter ones study them. The commonality between the aforementioned examples is that a) there was a fundamental misunderstanding of facts…

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