Gofundme for Amy Dean

Posted: February 11, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Amy is our daughter.

She was on her way to work when an oncoming car went left of center and hit her head on.

The details are explained at gofundme link and there are pics of her totaled car.

We are taking care of the two older kids for now. They go home on days their dad is off work.

Other family members are taking care of the two younger kids so that son in law can work.

Quite a few people have contributed to the fundraiser for Amy- thank you to all who have pitched in to help.

Please share link to fundraiser even if you can’t donate.

More people seeing the fundraiser can only help.

Again-  thank you to all who donated. An amazing amount has been raised in just a few days. The fundraiser may hit the goal Amy’s sister has set-almost halfway there now.

Please donate if you can- even a couple dollars helps as small donations still add up quickly.

Please share the link too.

Thank  you,




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