Desacralize the Totems

Posted: February 17, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Kakistocracy

Perhaps they are essential elements of construction, like load-bearing walls; but every society studiously erects its own totems. These being symbols of veneration that establish a consensus for how a people may placate the supernatural powers they believed would render judgement upon them.

American Indians perched their symbols atop poles, others crafted idols, and pre post-modern whites built cathedrals. While varying widely in impressiveness by each civilization’s capacity, these symbols represented not only fealty to a higher power, but also to its required battery of beliefs and behaviors. Aztecs couldn’t merely acknowledge Mictlantecuhtli; he demanded ritualized cannibalism as a testament to their piety. Funny how little things change.

Though practically all symbols become desiccated with time, losing their potency and eventually succumbing to new totems, which then commence the same process anew. In every iteration, the spellbound population is as convinced of the truth and finality of their current…

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