The Press IS the Enemy.

Posted: February 20, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Dystopic at  Declination wrote a great post about the press and why they are in fact the enemy.

Complete with examples of why they are our enemy. (link after my two cents on the subject)

 I agree with him-the media,not just the press are the enemy. The media is the enemy of the American people-well at least those of us on the right,the leftards like the media the way it is since the press/media are almost all heavily slanted toward the left.

When is the last time you read anything positive about the right?

For a whole lot of years,those of us on the right have been called the following and worse-racists,bigots,homphobes,xenophobes,Islamaphobes,Nazis,fascists.

Obama deported more illegal “immigrants” than Dubya did,and had ICE do sweeps where they rounded up way more people than Trump’s ICE has-and we heard crickets-nothing from the left. No “day without immigrants” bullshit,no mass protests,none of the current histrionics over deporting  people who are in the U.S. illegally,no hissy fits over “breaking up families” nothing not a freakin word.

No24/7 tee-vee “journalists” freaking out like Trump is lining up illegals next to a ditch and having them shot in the back of the head.

The press is part of the left-it’s the American Pravda,and the left hates us-period.

Remember the Tea party rallies/gatherings? Nice and peaceful,no trash all over the place-we all cleaned up after ourselves.

How did the press report on the gatherings?,

They called us the same shit they are still calling us-racists,bigots,homophobes,etc.

The left holds riots-they prevented Trump from holding a rally,they beat up Trump supporters here and there,shut down traffic, prevented people from attending a Trump rally in Az by blocking the interstate highway. Why was this crap reported as a “protest”and not as idiots blocking the highway,and preventing people from going about their business?

 Then there’s the whole black lies matter bullshit-rioting,looting,arson,assaults,they burned down a good chunk of Ferguson and Baltimore-and there was no negative press coverage-none.

The press knew Michael Brown was a thug,they knew he assaulted a store owner and stole from the store,they knew officer Wilson did not shoot Brown when his hands were up in surrender-yet we were subjected to the whole “hands up don’t shoot” nonsense.

Police are not just randomly gunning down black guys-the few cases where the shootings were not justified-the cops were arrested and charged with homicide/murder.

Didn’t matter to the BLM trash-the entire “movement” is based on a lie-where was/is the press coverage of that fact?

Milo Yiannapolous (sp) was prevented from speaking at Berkeley,and the “protesters” lit shit on fire,broke windows,assaulted people who wanted to hear Milo speak-and there have been zero arrests and zero negative coverage.

Leftards can run amok,riot,assault people,break windows of businesses,set things on fire-and it’s all okay with the press.

The press is on a 24/7 mission to report 100% negative “news” about Trump and the entire admin.

The press is the left-the left hates us. The left is the enemy which makes the press the enemy.

Read Dystopic’s take on it-he’s a much better writer than I am…



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