Communications in a “Come As You Are” War

Posted: February 27, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized




Download and keep a paper copy somewhere safe. As we were discussing Common/Off the Shelf (COTS) gear being pressed into service and integrated with .mil kit, as is happening in other hot spots, having a decent reference (even if a bit dated) will be golden.

Map out your Signal (S6) plan and your footprint. It’s not like the movies. I promise.

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  1. Downloaded but I’m minded that there may be more civilian survivors than military.

    Comms for most civilians will be Ham equipment or CB and the occasional PMR/GMRS handhelds.
    Which is good if the military / autorities are using the same.

    As for talking MOPP, CBRN, and operating radios?
    Very few will have full if any MOPP apart from what DIY protection they can make.
    So I’m kinda thinking their priority (let alone mine) will be to just stay alive, under cover, and wait out for the default 14 days to pass. Sometime during that period some will be listening in for advice, from cover using the 3.3.3 regime. i.e. every 3 hours, on the hour, channel 3 of whatever for 3 minutes.

    Having said that, I’m also wondering if government or the military/ paramilitary will even try to link into the popular survival / prepper planning about 3.3.3?

    It would be nice to think so.
    Very nice indeed, but thinking UK government, unlikely.
    So how about in the US?


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