Proposed Executive Order Designates Militia Rifles For Citizen Ownership

Posted: February 28, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

  1. Umm I’ll ask and look a fool but there is no danger of this list being the definitive list of weapons then?
    After all if you have a trusty AK, it’s not actually listed.
    Some a’ retentives in local government could see this as an opportunity to ban them.
    Or have I got it wrong?

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    • gamegetterII says:

      No- you have it right. Over here the anti gun zealots believe if they just ban scary looking black rifles- there will be no mire gun crimes.
      Makes no sense since crimes with all rifles combined are under 500 a year in a country of over 300 million people.
      Or that more people are murdered with knives- more people are murdered with hands fists and feet than are murdered with all rifles combined.
      Back in the 1980’s an anti-gun zealot named Josh Sugarman wrote an article admitting that the effort to ban handguns had no chance of succeeding.
      He then went on to say the anti- gun groups should focus on the A-R-15, and recommended calling the A-R an “assault weapon” and that since A-R-15’s look like M-16’s the public could be led to believe A-R-15’s were “machine guns” because they looked like M-16’s and to the public if it looks like a machine gun it must be a machine gun.
      His bullshit worked under Bill Clinton we got the “assault weapons ban”.
      Luckily, it had a 10 year sunset clause and was not renewed when it expired in 2004.
      Studies done by and for our congress showed that “assault weapons” were very rarely used in gun crimes, and the ban had so small if an effect on gun crime that it could not be measured.
      This lawyer us proposing the executive order due to a recent court ruling in which anti-gun judges ruled that A-R platform rifles were not protected under our second amendment. The ruling will most likely be overturned- but an executive order preventing states,cities and left wing anti gun judges from making similar rulings would be nice.

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      • Thought I’d read it right.
        And my heart sunk.
        I’m thinking that the NRA might like to speak VERY NICELY to your newest of presidents on your behalf.
        Else there are going to be one hell of a lot of unlisted, may be illegal, perfectly good platforms scattered around the states.

        After all it’s all inthe wording isn’t it.

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      • gamegetterII says:

        The ruling will be overturned on appeal. There’s legal precedent going back to the 1930’s that supports citizens being able to own firearms “of the type in common use” the case that phrase came from was concerning a short barreled shotgun and the standard applied was it was not a firearm “of the type in common use by the military”.
        There are somewhere north of 80 million A-R-15’s owned by U.S. citizens.
        I think that more than covers the in common use standard. If the courts were to apply the in common use by the military- we could all own M-16’s,M-4’s, M-60’s and SAW’s.
        Personally I want a M-134 mini gun. 🙂

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      • LOL, I’m sure the local deer population don’t want you to have one!

        Meanwhile in this 3rd world country, we suffer from government mission creep.

        For them it’s all in the wording (or lack of it). Laws, rules, guidelines (which is the way of interpeting laws) are amended as fast as is politically possible. It’s getting to a stage where you assume the worse or just think fk’ it and do your own thing anyway.

        Yet the stranglehold on weaponry (and especally ammo) is too tight legally, it’s over regulated, and targeted solely at the law abiding.

        Sometimes becoming a criminal gets VERY appealing. 😉

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