“Why You Should NOT Carry Off-Body…..EVER! – Geauga Firearms Academy on YouTube

Posted: March 11, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

For the scenarios he is using-  the premise is correct.


There are custom made ladies purses/handbags available that solve the issue of getting the weapon out and ready without digging around in what amounts to a small suitcase looking for it.

A friend of mine has several of these custom handbags-(why are they called handbags? I’ve never seen a lady carrying hands around in a bag)- anyhow…she can have whichever one of her handguns she is carrying at the time out and ready to use just as fast as if she were using a holster.

She also has several bras that are actually holsters- same thing- she can have the gun out in plenty of time to defend herself.

She’s also got a nice rack which gives her another advantage as it will distract any male attacker momentarily and give her an extra second or two when she pulls her shirt up- especially if the bra/holster is the one that you can see through.

See-I got distracted just thinking about her rack in the see- through bra/holster,and I went through the damn you got huge tits back when we were about 16.

There are advantages to being a lady with big tits- the guy who stops to check ’em out and gets shot instead of robbing or raping the lady would probably agree.

Back to the subject of the post-

Unless the lady has some means other than just dropping her handgun-usually in a holster- into her purse,then she needs to do one of two things-

1) wear clothing that allows her to carry her handgun-concealed- in a holster.

2) get one of the custom handbags or bras that are used as holsters.

As the demonstrations in the video make clear- carrying a handgun in a purse is not a good idea and could get a lady robbed,carjacked,raped, or even killed because she can not have her weapon out ready to fire in anywhere near enough time.


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