Camouflage Paint Application….It’s the ‘Little Things’ that Really Hide You…OR Make You Stick Out….

Posted: March 29, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group

I know, I know….everyone’s an expert in camouflage….except maybe this gal, who graduated from the US Army Ranger School, and is inaccurately identified as USAF in the article:

Besides the ‘red’ tinged brown she used as a base, the black doesn’t help either, because her features, ie, eyes, cheek bones, jaw line, and mouth are all easily identifiable as human.  Basically, her face is almost quartered in generally similar sized areas, which leads to a recognizable pattern.  Great PR, but in reality, no, not gonna hack it if she’s being hunted or is hunting.

What about this man?

Close, but no cigar, unless you can find a bush with a nice, full, pink set of lips, some matching nostrils, and eyes and ears to match!  He’s also decked out in desert USMC digital with coyote whatever.  The paint is woodland in nature, which contrasts and brings attention to his…

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