This CEO Wants To Hire 70 Million People

Posted: April 16, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I agree with the guy- but he’s only solving half of the problem.

The other half us that once a person has completed their prison sentence- that should be it.

All rights should be restored, in all but a few cases such as murder, rape, and armed robbery which are actual crimes against persons- crimes agaunst the state via some bullshit kaws/obscure fed regulregulation

The prison sentence was the punishment- not a lifetime sentence to shitty jobs because of a lifetime label of ” convicted felon”.

No one should lose their right to vote or their right to defend themselves without demonstrating that they have done something so heinous that they can not be trusted with a weapon. Unless a person has committed voter fraud, there us no valid  reason to take their right to vote from them.

The lifetime punishment for “crimes” often decades ago needs to stop. It is clearly unconstitutional and fits the definition if double jeopardy as people are punished by the state multiple times for the same “crime”- the prison sentence is the punishment- not the lifetime loss of rights and lifetime employment ban.


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