Rules And Dangers When Organizing Security And Survival Groups

Posted: April 28, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Worth the read- I fully agree that building a community is a requirement to surviving any long term SHTF- societal collapse-economic collapse scenario.

The “lone wolf” guys ain’t gonna make it unless they live in true wilderness a long long way from any city or town. It takes a group- more people is better in this case- to defend yourselves 24/7 everyone’s gotta sleep. That’s why lone guys and pairs of people or even groups of 3 or 4 have little chance of surviving the people who will kill for food and supplies.

A group of families in the same small community in a rural or semi- rural area has the best chance of surviving. There will be many different skills needed- larger groups will have people with a wide range of skills.

You need to be working on building your community now- if it’s not possible where you live – move if at all possible.

  1. So what makes the ideal or even the minimum group size?
    That’s an interesting question that needs answering.

    I’ve got a thought about that.
    For me it’s four, made up of two established couples.
    Why established couples?
    A pairing ‘moderates’ their partners behaviour.
    Why is that important?
    Ever worked with someone who has always been alone for a long time?
    They can develop “unusual behaviour”.

    Most established couples also interact on a level that needs no words, and couples support each other.
    Yet, why two couples?
    An odd number in whatever mixture can cause ‘conflicts’.
    Yep, a sexual comment so I’m going to hell.

    So why not all men or all women?
    That works too only not so well.

    Apart from all that, a group of 4 means 6 hour shifts.
    1 on 3 sleep. Sound good?

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    • gamegetterII says:

      I agree on the couples plan-that’s probably the best for those not surrounded by a community of like minded people who have been working together for a while-and who can work together to insure the survival of the community.

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