New Heirloom Quality Tomatoes

Posted: May 4, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
 “New heirloom” tomatoes,these are from the University of Florida’s tomato breeding program.
They are NOT “GMO” tomatoes.
They are simply a new breed of tomato created via selective breeding.
Some info from 2015,via a blog by Kevin Folta,a Florida scientist involved in the tomato breeding project…
  “Dr. Harry Klee has a mission- to improve the tomato.  He scoured seed repositories and heirloom catalogs to obtain the constellation of tomato varieties available. Along with his team, they grew acres of heirlooms, then harvested them, cut them into little pieces and gave samples to panelists in an attempt to find the best-tasting tomato.
Several varieties emerged as clear winners in the taste-test.  However, these came from plants that barely produced any fruit or the fruits were too small for normal production. Typical heirlooms.
On the other hand, Dr. Jay Scott and the University of Florida Tomato Breeding Program had a tomato that makes a great parent. While it may not have the best flavor, it tends to pass along size and other favorable characteristics to its offspring. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Tasti-Lee tomato, you’re tasting those genetics in action.
Dr. Klee put on his bumble bee outfit and carefully transferred pollen from the heirloom to Dr. Scott’s production standard. A few weeks later the flower was gone, and a little green bead grew and expanded into a red, ripe tomato.”
More info here
**I am growing both the Garden Gem and Garden Treasure tomatoes this year,I’ll do a post about the results when the tomatoes start to ripen.**
Here’s some more info on the University of Florida’s tomato breeding program,and other similar programs…
Dr.  Klee’s lab-lot’s of info about the tomato breeding program…
Rutgers University is trying to bring back the The Jersey Tomato
Some other similar research programs here
At least there are people who realize the grocery store produce we buy and eat sucks.
For way too many years all the fruits and vegetables grown for the food industry have been bred for size,appearance,shelf life,uniform shape,and the ability to survive transport from hundreds-or thousands of miles from your local grocery store.
Finally,there are people working on bringing taste back to our fruits and veggies-about freakin’ time I say.
A related topic…
  The only problem with these efforts is the astounding amount of misinformation,disinformation,and outright lies spewed forth by people such as the “food babe” who have zero background or education in anything even remotely resembling science.
The lack of education in even basic high school level botany,biology,chemistry and math is even more astounding-and these clueless dolts claim to be “experts”, or as fellow blogger and the author  of the Thoughtfully Prepping  blog calls them-“ex spurts”.
The food babe and others attack honest scientists,write nonsense about GM crops,and falsely state that every vegetable and piece of fruit you buy in your local grocery store is “frankenfood”,everything is “GMO”,and parts per billion-even less than trace amounts-of glyphosate is everywhere,in everything.
They use scare tactics,spread misinformation, present outright lies as facts,and people believe their nonsense.
Usually, it’s difficult to find even a residual amount of factual information presented by the clueless claiming to be expurts.
This is factual information about GM crops…
(Note that when you do a Google search for Biology Fortified,there’s the food babe – listed as the third or fourth result which leads to a blog post by her cluelessness spouting scientifically illiterate nonsense.)
 For some no nonsense-scientific fact,science based discussion…
  We have more information available to us than at any time in history,yet people are not becoming more intelligent-a prime example of this is people using the food babe,quacks like Dr. Oz , “Dr.” Mercola, and virulently anti GMO orgs as credible sources of information.
There are more than two thousand published,peer reviewed studies on GM foods-and not one has found any harm whatsoever to humans from eating a vegetable,grain, or fruit that has been genetically modified.
Ok,rant on scientific illiteracy over.
I got the Garden Gem and Garden Treasure seeds because most seeds available today are hybrids,as are these two new varieties, but these taste like some of the very old heirloom varieties.
  I have a friend who got some heirloom tomato seeds from Italy that were a very old-as in a few hundred years old-type of tomato. He also got similar tomato seeds from France.
They do very well here in NE Ohio.
I’ll be planting some of those next year as long as he gets a decent harvest this year.
Those tomatoes look like a cross between Roma and San Marzano tomatoes,but they’re meatier,have fewer seeds and taste a whole lot better. They don’t  have the orange color of the San Marzanos,they’re a deep red tomato.
Between the European tomatoes,and the university of Florida tomatoes at least I’ll have tomatoes that taste great.
All my plants are in trays in the house still,as I’ve lost to many plants to frost in NE Ohio in May-I plant mine in the gardens on Memorial day weekend,as that’s about the latest we ever get a hard frost.
I’ll do a couple more posts about gardening-with pics as I get ready to plant everything outside.

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