Knives and Knife Sharpening

Posted: May 6, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

This was written for a cooking class I taught-so there’s a lot about foodservice knives-sharpening a knife is sharpening a knife-the methods work for all knives.

This,and all food related posts will be linked/listed under the heading at the top of the page-

Beyond Storing Up Beans and Rice-How to Safely Feed Groups of People Under Less Than ideal Conditions

Just click on the heading,and it will take you to the page,links are at bottom of short post.

You need to have more than one kitchen knife,you will need a good chefs/cooks knife,a paring knife, filet knives,boning knife, and a cimeter/cimitar (also known as a butcher’s knife.)

Do NOT buy cheap knives!!!

Buy Henckles,Wusthof,Dexter-Russell,or Dexter-Russell’sSani-Safe.

Buy the commercial quality knives-not the junk they sell at Wally World,Target,Costco,Sams Club etc. For the filet knives,Rapala,Normark,and Berkely all make decent quality filet knives.

If you absolutely can not afford to buy Henckle’s,Wusthof,or Dexter Russell

knives,the next two best brands to buy- in no particular order- are Sabatier or Old Hickory. I use Old Hickory boning and butcher knives for butchering deer and elk,along with a Gerber Freeman Guide for a skinning knife.

The Gerber is a great deal-$23.99 on 1/22/16


Gerber Freeman Guide


Sharp knives are safe knives,there’s less chance of cutting yourself with a sharp knife,and should you cut yourself,it will be a clean cut,and usually not require stitches. Yes,if it’s a deep enough/long enough/wide enough cut-you will need stitches,so learn how to handle a knife properly-and use the right knife for the job.

Rather than type out how to sharpen knives,I’m just going to include a link to a few posts I did about it here and here and one from Field & Stream

here and finally,one I got via David Codrea here

This was “homework” for a class I taught,if you click on the links,read all the info,then get a little practice in-you should be able to get any knife razor sharp in just a few minutes.

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