Now is the Time to Work on Improving Deer Hunting in Your Area

Posted: May 7, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

It’s May,whitetail deer are dropping fawns-at the same time,coyotes are snacking on these fawns.

One of the most significant things you can do to improve the health of your local deer herd is to see that more fawns survive the first year.

Since in many areas of the U.S. east of the Mississippi river,coyote predation is the number one thing that affects fawn survival rates-kill more coyotes.

I’ve been saying this for years,and it is backed by science-reduce the ‘yote population-more fawns survive the first year. While this may not work on large tracts of public land,it does work,and work very well in small areas.

Even if the area you hunt is part of a huge area of public land,concentrating on the parts you hunt will have a positive effect of fawn survival rates.

Now is when coyotes are having the most detrimental effect on your local deer herd,so now is when you should step up coyote control efforts. Every ‘yote you kill now is at least one more fawn that will survive,and likely is a lot more than just one.

Everywhere east of the Mississippi river,the coyote is an invasive species-they are not native to the area(s). In most states,there’s no closed season,and no bag limit,in many states-you can even hunt ‘yotes at night.

I look at it as great practice for the fall hunting seasons,take a different caliber rifle out with you for different areas,take your muzzleloader,take your compound bow,crossbow,or your recurve bow. If you can accurately kill ‘yotes with all of them-you’ll have even less of a chance of missing a deer,or antelope, or elk,or moose,or bear.

We usually start seriously hunting coyotes just after the Ohio muzzleloader season for deer ends in early Jan. They still have their winter coats then,so you can get a few $$ for the furs,and cover the cost of your gas,food and ammo for the coyote hunting trips.

By starting early,there are a lot fewer coyotes around in April and May when fawns are at their most vulnerable just after being born. Transient ‘yotes move in and take up residence within weeks,but as long as you keep the pressure on,keep shooting coyotes until well into the summer months-you will have saved a hell of a lot of fawns.

If you want deer to hunt in the fall-kill as many coyotes as possible from late winter through early summer. Once deer numbers drop too low-it takes 4-5 years to bring them back up. Coyotes can have a major effect on fawn survival-in many areas,coyote predation is as high as 70%, in some areas,it’s as high as 90%.

That’s 7 out of every 10 fawns born up to 9 out of every 10 fawns born being killed by ‘yotes. No matter how high deer numbers are-no population can sustain losing 70-90% of it’s young and survive.

Either control coyote numbers,or there are not going to be any deer to hunt.


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