Sportsmen are asking for a license fee increase for the ODNR Division of Wildlife | Buckeye Firearms Association

Posted: May 9, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I agree with them- an increase in hunting- and fishing license fees is needed so Ohio gets it’s share of Pittman- Robertson and Dingell- Johnson funds from the feds.

There also needs to be changes made at the fed level on how these funds are dispensed to states. Each state should get the funds that it’s residents paid in through the purchase of guns, ammo, bows, arrows and other hunting and fishing gear.

The Ohio DNR actually does a good job managing the state’s fish and game. We have world class steelhead, muskie,smallmouth bass,walleye and yellow perch fisheries. Ohio deer hunting is in the top ten and usually in the top 5 states nationwide.

The ODNR’s aggressive fish stocking is a huge part of why we have the outstanding steelhead, muskie, and walleye fisheries.

We have some great wildlife biologists at the ODNR, and even though deer hunters aren’t always happy- they do a great job of managing Ohio’s huge deer population.

I don’t mind an extra 3 bucks for a hunting license. I do think the hike in non- resident licenses is excessive- that needs to come down by half. Other states in the western U.S. tried similar hikes in non- resident license fees and it seriously reduced the number of non- resident hunters.

I hunt public land for part of deer season. I’ve seen tags from all over the U.S. in the parking areas.

Since these hunters already pay a lot more than residents- it’s not right to try and make up budget shortfalls from their license fees.

The increase in resident license fees is reasonable and needed.

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