Posted: May 15, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

RIP Ray-

Ray was a neighbor kid when we were all growing up,he was my younger brother’s age.

He ran an excavating business,then got into high performance 4WD trucks,and opened up an off road 4WD shop.

Way too young to go-got an infection after a surgery and never recovered-shitty way to go.

Since he was friends with my younger brother,he was around us older guys a lot,kid learned to wrench on cars,build shit,drink lots of beer way before he was old enough-because we were a “bad influence”.

Still see his brother and sisters around once in a while.

Like the obit says-Ray will be missed.

Seems like a lot of us from “back in the day” only see each other at funerals lately,which sucks because way too many are dying way too young.



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