National Orc Week: Celebrating your Gaoler, Literally by Bill Buppert | ZeroGov

Posted: May 16, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

  1. I guess Buppert sees himself as a part of the “benevolent” Fellowship of the ring, huh? “Orcs”…..really?

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    • gamegetterII says:

      Not sure who started the “badged orcs” saying- it’s been around a few years at least.
      Like pretty much anyone else who posts on the interwebz- I don’t agree with everything Buppert says.
      There is a problem with too many people getting shot by cops. In a lot of the causes the “victim” deserved to get shot, but in a lot of other cases the unarmed guy shouldn’t have been shot.
      Most of the guys I know who are or were cops are retired or close to it. One is a Cleveland cop and he’s just counting down months till he can retire.
      He agrees there’s problems and there’s guys in the force who shouldn’t be allowed to be cops.
      Policing is way different than when I was growing up- half the stuff we did back then that ended up with a ride home or being followed home by a deputy sheriff would be a felony now. Back then it was go home, deputy told parents the stupid shit you did- and you didn’t do that particular stupid shit any more.
      Here’s an example of what’s wrong with today’s cops- in late Jan or early Feb while out shoveling snow/ using snowblower/salting sidewalks we got pulled over by a local city cop at 2:30 am- supposedly because license plate wasn’t on center of bumper- (couldn’t be due to truck being a ’97 C-1500 that had a rusted out bumper)-Ohio law just days visible and illuminated plate- which it was.
      After he gets licenses and does warrant checks and gives his little speech about the plate- I asked him- politely if I could get out and show him why plate was mounted where it was.
      He starts screaming at me to stay in the truck and pulls his gun on me.
      That was and is bullshit- the snowblower, shovels, 30 buckets of salt and half dozen bags of calcium chloride in the truck and the plow and plow lights kinda made it really obvious what we were doing.
      After his warrant check and the fact we were out working it was obvious we were no threat to the guy.
      So why the overreaction that could’ve got me shot? I didn’t open the door or get out of truck- just asked if I could.
      That guy should not be a cop.


      • I agree, that’s ridiculous. Although there are a lot of cops that have a lot to be concerned about, given the number of ambush type incidents that have occurred recently, his reaction was unwarranted, and I’d say he wasn’t taking in all the variables that should have put him more at ease.

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      • gamegetterII says:

        My friend who works for Cleveland PD says they all have the get ambushed thought every time they go on a call. I get that.
        Cleveland is a whole ‘nother ballgame compared to the suburb where supercop pulled his gun on my and screamed at for way too long.
        That’s the guys that scare the hell out of me.


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