Stuff You Should be Able to Make Yourself

Posted: May 17, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The picture shows the flywheel off an old 8hp Briggs and Stratton engine.

The piece of steel with the big bolt in center and two smaller long bolts is the flywheel puller I made in about a half hour- 45 minutes.

I originally made the puller for pulling a hub and bearing off an old tractor.

I just took the piece of steel and drilled and tapped center hole for big bolt- that’s what applies force to shaft. The original outer two holes were for pulling hub and bearing off tractor axle shaft.

To make it into flywheel puller I only had to drill two new holes and use two long 1/4-20 bolts with stop nuts. The bolts threaded into the two holes in flywheel.
Used a ratchet with correct socket for bolt and after threading two long bolts into tapped holes in flywheel, kept tightening bolt until flywheel popped loose.

This is the kind of stuff you need to be able to figure out and make in your garage/ shop.

If you ain’t mechanically inclined- get someone in your group who is.

This puller was easy to make and the only specialized tool was the tap.

I have thousands of nuts, bolts, washers and lots of pieces of angle iron, round stock steel, sheet steel and bar stock steel.

I save stuff like that for times like when I needed to make pullers for various reasons, and for when I need to make repairs on equipment or vehicles.

Helps to have a welder and cutting torches.

For this little project I only needed a cut off wheel on angle grinder to cut thick chunk of steel, drill press with right sized bits, and I used bench grinder to round off sharp edges, plus the tap and oil for drill bits and tap.

  1. I’ve got metal working skills but in survival, urban survival, I look at things slightly differently to some.

    When everyone has looted whatever, there will be a lot of stuff they cannot eat or trade just lying around. So why re-invent the wheel when so many things you will need will just be lying around ‘homeless and ownerless’?

    Foraging and scavenging, my core survival skill.

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    • gamegetterII says:

      I won’t be in an urban area.
      You’re kinda stuck on an island that’s mostly urban.
      We can go a couple hours from home and the closest city is 70 miles or more away- nothing but farm fields and small villages of 100 people or less here and there.
      Plus there’s an Amish community about 7-8 miles from our 70 acres.

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    • gamegetterII says:

      Now if you could make accross the Atlantic you would have more options.
      Even better if you could have got the boat over here.
      Plenty of areas you can live on a boat and be surrounded by people who know how to do things for themselves as far as boat reapirs/upkeep/ maintance/PM/ and imporovements.
      Plus if you need a hard to find part- there’s lots of guys with small shops who can make just about anything.
      I know-it would be a huge move and huge upheaval in your lifes.
      Just a thought in case you need a plan b or c or d.

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      • 🙂 smiling here my friend.
        We have tried all legal ways of crossing the puddle.
        We’ve found that “officially” we are:-
        Too old (60),
        Wrong qualifictions, (No college degrees)
        Apparently we haven’t got enough money to buy our way in and start our own business (which is daft as I’ve got two hands and only need a toolkit and SWMBO is one hell of an accounts clerk).
        3 major negatives. We’re White, British, and Christian,
        So even with a job offer, plus clean records, it ain’t going to happen.
        Now if we were refugees, NOT British, with colour, no English, Muslim (well maybe not Muslim perhaps Buddist), on a watchlist, from a ‘dubious’ country, no documents, or just stinking rich, we’d stand a chance.
        BUT we had a plan B.
        Emigrate to East Europe, somewhere alongside the Russian border. Small problem, NATO have nicked the decent sites.
        Plan C!
        Dig a very deep hole!
        Plan D!
        Hoping everything does kick off.
        If we survive the initial event, we’ll be fine without electricity and especially Government!

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