Beyond Storing Up Beans and Rice-How to Safely Feed Groups of People Under Less Than ideal Conditions

Posted: June 4, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I’ve been really slammed with work-on top of spending I think it was 32 out of the 35 days before the worked hit all at once working on kids cars.
A few more days,and work will be back to normal.
That means going to work around 7:30-8:30,and quitting work at 6 or 7pm,not when it gets to dark too see any more. Maybe even some go to work at 9-9:30am,and quit at 5-5:30 pm,since I’ve got a bunch of work at a condo complex coming up. Most of the people there don’t want me to start until after 9am,some not till after 10am.
Which is actually a good thing-I’m ready for a break.
Okay-the point of this post is that I’ll get back to posting more cooking info by say Wed or so.

Do more P.T.
Be a pilot-operate your own controls.

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