Divorce and separation of and in universities and colleges

Posted: July 6, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Price of Liberty

By Nathan Barton

What or who should control training and education? Especially technical education, such as science, engineering, medicine, mathematics, and related fields?  What we have now is NOT working, and increasingly dysfunctional.

Lew Rockwell website has an interesting story telling us four reasons that college degrees are becoming useless.  In reality, the headline does not accurately state the thesis of Jonathan Newman’s article.  He provides four (of many) reasons that more and more college degrees ARE useless.

Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute, wrote in his blog  a few weeks ago: In US universities, a divorce is needed. “If the worthwhile parts of the U.S. universities are to continue to thrive, or even to survive as serious endeavors, it would seem that a parting of the ways must come. The STEM fields must separate themselves from the bulls**t parts of the universities. The latter can then go their own…

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