Hillbilly Engineering…

Posted: July 9, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I’ll try and condense this story a bit. A friend owns a 70 acre or so property with a 7 acres lake where we fish, hunt, camp, shoot, etc.

There’s about 6-8 guys who hunt the property in exchange for helping me and my brother take care of the property.

The state inspects the dam every so often. Last inspection, they asked us to remove a half dozen or so trees. Reason being they were growing in the area of the.
” emergency spillway”.

The biggest of these trees have been there at least 40 years.

Anyhow- one of the guys who hunts in exchange for work calls me a couple months ago, lets me know a tree fell across the driveway, so he ran home and got his chainsaw. He asks if I want him to cut down the trees the state wants removed. So. I tell him sure, just cut the two big ones so they drop on corner of dam. The smaller ones can go in the water because they’re leaning over lake anyhow.

So… he drops two biggest trees- a 70 ft or so pine, and an oak maybe 50 ft tall in the fuckin lake right in front of emergency spillway.

Today was the first chance my brother, the owner, and me could get down there on the same day.

After 10 hours or so we managed to cut the grass on the dam, get the pine dragged out of the lake and cut up, and the oak dragged away from the emergency spillway.

It took 2 snatch blocks,about a 100 year old block and tackle and a small farm tractor- (cub cadet, cub lo boy tractor), lifting straps, tow straps, logging chains,150 ft of 3/4″ rope and chest waders.

Plus a couple chainsaws, axes, and a tomahawk.

Woulda been easier to pull the trees out if they hadn’t been soaking up water for a couple months!

First thing we had to do was drag a 40 ft or so dead ash tree that fell on top of dam out of our way- right after I hacked through the 1 1/2″ thick poison ivy vines on it so I could get a chain around it.

Then I had to do the same thing to all 3 trees we used for anchor points for snatch blocks and block and tackle block.

One of the 3 trees had poison ivy, poison oak, and Virginia creeper vines on it- all over an inch thick and intertwined.

Ever try chainsawing trees into lengths, and cutting limbs off with a chainsaw- while the trees are in the water?

It wasn’t a whole lotta fun, and I doubt it did much for the life of our chainsaws.

If you ever saw the History Channel show Axe Men,where the guys cut logs in the water, and the entire bar and chain are underwater-  that’s what we had to do. The air filter in my saw had water dripping out of it.

But what the hell- we got the trees out of the way, after we burn the brush next weekend and go down with a dump truck and skidsteer to pull the oak tree out-everyone will be happy, the state will have nothing to bitch about, and we’ll have a couple years of campfire wood.

I’ll post pics of the shit we rigged up to pull the trees with tomorrow.

I’m gonna drink a beer- eat something, then take some ibuprofen because I know I’m gonna hurt like hell in the morning.


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