Political Power Play in Ohio Provides Harsh Reminder to Sportsmen Everywhere 

Posted: July 13, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

As an Ohio hunter and fisherman, these actions are insane and will hurt Ohio outdoorsmen, and fish and wildlife populations.

None of those fired deserved to be fired, and replacing highly qualified individuals with political appointees who know little to nothing about Ohio’s fish and wildlife and even less about those who fish and hunt in Ohio is pure idiocy.

The ODNR has been doing a great job in using science based decisions combined with input from Ohio’s hunters and fishermen to manage fish and game in Ohio.

Now some political hacks will be appointed to management level positions in the ODNR. 

These people will be clueless about hunters and hunting and subject to believing anti-hunting, antu-trapping and anti- gun zealots.

Appointing people to management positions in the ODNR who do not have experience in fish and wildlife management is absurd.

The people- actually the person who should be replaced in the ODNR is director Zeheringer as he’s proven by his actions that he is unfit to lead the ODNR.

His actions have harmed Ohio’s hunters, trappers and fishermen and have left the division open to politicization by anti- hunting, anti- trapping and anti gun zealots. 

The ODNR needs to be run by those qualified in their respective fields- not political appointees sure to include thos who are opposed to hunting and trapping.

Kasich has only proven once again that he himself is nothing more than a political hack.



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