Lawsuit halted fire mitigation work in area now burning near Lincoln | State & Regional |

Posted: July 31, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

This is why environmental groups should have zero input concerning forest management.

99.9% of the reason there have been so many large fires throughout the Rockies is due to policies enacted due to environmental groups lawsuits.

The forest service is supposed to maintain national forests to allow for sustainable timber harvest-not to ban all human use other than hiking and taking pictures.

Hunting is allowed on national forest land,trapping is allowed on national forest land- logging and mining are also supposed to be allowed on national forest land.

National forest land is not to be used only if environmental groups approve of the use.

Creating a huge fire risk by banning logging,and even removal of deadfall for firewood is not protecting the forest,or protecting habitat for any species-it is guaranteed to cause the destrction of millions of acres of forests.

The USFS needs to ignore the enviro-nazis and proceed with fire mitigation on ALL national forest land.

Logging needs to be increased,people need to be permitted to remove deadfall for firewood,forest service roads need to be maintained.

Enough of this nonsense where the environmental groups determine land use policy.

Even some clearcutting needs to take place,there are places that need to be completely cut and re-planted with the same variety of trees that were cut. This helps many species-including those on the much abused endangered species list. New growth provides food and cover for multiple species,and allows populations of small animals to increase rapidly-species that the  “endangered” Canada lynx eat.

There are very,very few of the enviro-nazis that actually live anywhere near the Rocky mountains-or any national forest.

Most of the enviro-whackos think a national park and a national forest are the same thing. That’s how the enviro-nazi groups get so many people to sign their petitions,and post comments on .gov websites, like the USFS,USFWS,BLM,EPA,etc. The clueless hear about logging on national forest land,and think it’s supposed to take place in a national park.

If any of these enviro whackjobs lived in an area that had miles and miles of standing dead pine trees,combined with zero deadfall and underbrush removal for a decade or two-they would be screaming for the logging,deadfall removal,and underbrush clearing that’s so desperately needed on most national forest land.

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