Coming To FUSA In 3…2…

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Western Rifle Shooters Association

(Via Twitter)

From a reader:

Virtually all the Chief Constables in the UK are Common Purpose graduates and thus New World Order/Globalization apparatchiks. Their prime directive is to suppress any resistance to this objective and labelling anything that even suggests that someone is criticizing Islamic violence and depredation, gross public sexual deviance or even something so evil as patriotism is labelled a ‘Hate Crime’ – for which the penalties are draconian and for which there is little or no requirement of proof, only an accusation. See below the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) main guidance…

…and the shorter version used by Police on the ground. Although this one belongs to Wilshire Police all constabularies are pretty much the same:

Don’t bother trying to wade through those two, I’ve just posted them for citation purposes. Here are some screen shots of the pertinent bits:

Laugh if you…

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