Feds want $2.8 million from farmer for plowing too deep on own property-out of control .gov regs.

Posted: August 11, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

If this case is not dismissed or won by Duarte Nurseries, then the enviro- nazi groups will be free to sue farmers for plowing their fields.

The EPA claimed plowing a field creates ” mini mountain ranges” the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers claim seasonal puddles on farm fields are ” navigable waters of the United States”.

This .gov bullshit all stems from the WOTUS- waters of the U.S.- rules/regs.

Farmers and ranchers are supposed to be exempt from this nonsense. 

However- the EPA and Army corps of engineers are using the rule to enforce environmental zealotry. Earth worship disguised as environmentalism.

The EPA and Army corps of Engineers are full of Gaia worshipers/  enviro zealots.

This nonsense needs to be stopped now.

If this nonsense is not stopped, I think farmers should band together and shut down the commodities markets by refusing to ship corn, wheat, and soybeans. Then refuse to plant any crops until this nonsense is made illegal for the Gaia worshipers to do. No more harassing farmers via environmental- with focus on the mental- zealotry.

I get the goals of clean water and clean air, and even leaving the vernal pools alone because waterfowl use such pools as nesting areas and toads and frogs often lay eggs in vernal puddles.

This whole WOTUS thing needs to be re- written with clearly stated exemptions for agricultural activity, and a ban on the Gaia worshipers filing lawsuits against farmers and ranchers. 

Hell, the Gaia worshipers are dictating .gov policy via abuse of EPA regs, Army corps regs, and the endangered species act.

That bullshit also needs to be stopped.


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