Outside coastal cities an ‘other America’ has different values and challenges, by Chris Arnade

Posted: August 19, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


A slice of life of an America that doesn’t get much coverage from a newspaper that doesn’t do much coverage. It sounds inauspicious, and the article does sometimes descend into the language of someone examining an alien society, but the article is surprisingly good. From Chris Arnade at theguardian.com:

Beyond the bubbles of the big cities and elite college campuses is an America that values community over careers, and has faced a downward trajectory for decades

Anthony Rice
Anthony Rice on the election: ‘We didn’t have a dog in this fight’. Photograph: Chris Arnade
Anthony Rice’s house in Youngstown, Ohio is a mile away from a river valley once filled with factories offering jobs. Many of those left in the 1980s, and with them, many residents.

His home is one of the few occupied on the street. Empty lots or boarded-up homes make up most of the block. He points to those…

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