Rating President Trump 8/30/2017 by Newsweek

Posted: August 31, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Cry and Howl

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a questionaire put out by Newsweek about how people think President Trump is doing. Because of the 24/7 bashing and nearly every day a headline which says, “Trump’s poll numbers are plumeting” one would think the little survey would reflect what the major media has been feeding us … bullshit. Well, I took the survey then printed out the results at the time I completed it. I’ll put the results here, though the graph part of the thing won’t be  visible (I guess because it was always changing). Remember this is put out by Newsweek which is about as anti-Trump as you can get.  Here it is …


Hmmmm … kind of maks us wonder if he major media is actually lying to us with all the negative crap they put out. It appears he’s doing a pretty good job despite the morons…

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