More than 1 million acres have burned this summer; Montana state fire fund drained

Posted: September 7, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

It’s way past time to get the enviro whackos out of the USFS, ban sue and settle tactics by the Gaia worshipers lawyers, and get all of the tree hugging, bunny hugging, rock licking Gaia worshipers out of USFS policy making decisions.

The reason these fires get so big so fast- and are about impossible to put out is the decades of zero logging, zero deadfall clearing, and zero undergrowth clearing due to eco fascist policies combined with millions of beetle killed pine trees has created su h a huge fuel load that there is no containing many fires.

Unless these idiotic policies are overturned, and forests are managed for sustainable logging- with deadfall and undergrowth cleared on an ongoing basis- every acre of western forest will burn in the next 5-10 years at most.

The cost to the state of Montana for battling wildfires that have burned more than a million acres this summer has reached $53.7 million, a staggering price tag that has completely drained a state fire fund that was already slashed in half by decisions made in the 2017 Legislature.

In April lawmakers passed a cost-cutting bill that called for taking $30 million from the roughly $62 million fire fund to maintain an informal $200 million rainy-day account for state government and to reduce the depth of cuts to other state operations and services, cuts that would be triggered if state revenues came in lower than projected. That happened in July.


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