56% of people approve of President Trump’s job performance … despite the drivel from the left.

Posted: September 28, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Cry and Howl

Folks, I’m sick of the certified bullshit of the major media and the utter morons who buy into their crap and lies regarding President Trump. And the phony claim that 65% of Americans oppose him and how “most Americans” can’t stand him … and that even those who supported him in the beginning don’t any more. Well, Newsmax has a “Rate President Trump” poll out almost every day on the Yahoo Home Page. I highlighted this on August 30. I did the survey again today 9/28/2017 and here are the results …

Practically unchanged (note the date so you won’t think I’m using the same form). Kind of makes those who claim that 65% disapprove of him look a bit foolish IMHO.

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