Sparks Nails It.

Posted: October 7, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Mason Dixon Tactical

Thousands of Vets would heed the call. The inexperienced and Korny Kernals need not apply for this task. It is real not a fantasy photo op with a cigar and your AR.


Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump:

I’m writing you this public letter to provide a solution that would prevent further violent incidents such as the recent Las Vegas shooting and out-of-control protests that have occurred across the country. This solution would require neither you nor congress to pass any further laws. This solution would also limit the infringement of civil liberties against the citizenry, and help the veterans in this country who are facing financial difficulty, joblessness, and potential homelessness. But before I do that, let me detail how the Las Vegas shooting could have turned out if this solution was previously implemented.

My former employer, BBN/Raytheon, has developed a gunfire detection and tracking…

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