HSUS Plans Ballot Initiative to Ban Big Cat Hunting and Trapping in Arizona 

Posted: October 12, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Wayne Pacelle and HSUS fire up the anti- hunting machine for yet another sleazy underhanded attempt to ban hunting.

They will never stop- ever.

It’s up to sportsmen, ranchers, and pet owners to stop these people. Among the stated goals of HSUS- ban all hunting and trapping, ban raising any animals for food, ban ownership of any animals, aaaannddd- force us all to become vegan.

Even the crazy cat ladies should be fighting HSUS and helping to expose their lies, half truths and obfuscation.

HSUS operates zero animal shelters, HSUS does nothing to rescue animals, HSUS pays Wayne Pacelle almost a half million per year salary. That $$ comes from donations via their lying, misleading, fact twisting TV commercials.


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