A Few Words on Legitimate Pain Management Clinics and Pain Pills

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This little story stared years and years ago-I’ve broken more bones than 90% of the population-according to a couple Dr’s after they read my full medical records,and saw the x-rays.

Back in 2006,I hurt my back bad enough I had to be carried to closest bed,then left the house when ambulance came.

When the ER Dr saw x-rays and MRI,he referred me to pain mgt. Dr. because he told me my back is not fixable-it’s always gonna hurt,and it’s gonna get worse as you get older.

So pain mgt Dr agrees my back is fucked up beyond repair,my rt ankle,knee and leg are also likely fucked beyond repair.

That started me on MS Contin-time release morphine,with Percocets for what they call breakthrough pain. I hurt like hell,couldn’t move too good,so I agreed to be in pain mgt program,because I would be able to at least move around and work a few more years.

Shortly after that,the recurring osteomyelitis-(bone infection)- I had off and on for 30 years came back. My Dr admitted me to hospital-no ortho surgeeon would even attempt surgery-other than amputation-fuck that.

Then finally,in late 2008,I found an ortho surgeon who’s exact words were-“I can fix that mess-but it’s gonna hurt like hell,take 1 1/2-2 1/2 years.”

Yeah,it hurt like hell for the first year and a half or so. If you feel like spending a couple minutes on Google-what was done to fix my leg was a combination of the Taylor Spatial Frame,and the Ilizarov procedure.

Short version is the guy cut over 6″ of my tibia out,made two more cuts through tibia just below knee,and at the ankle,then the Taylor Spatial Frame was installed with pins and wires and shit through the bone in assorted places. The frame has big steel rings-mine had 4,most are only two. There are adjustable struts that go from the steel rings to the pins and wires through the bone. (There’s a pic of me with the frame on in pics on sidebar.)

The struts are like turnbuckles with u-joints,they are attached at different angles in different places. A computer program figures out how much to turn each strut-( Mr. Taylor was a NASA engineer)-I had to turn those fuckers 4 times a day-and it hurt like hell. Every month to 6 weeks,Dr did another surgery to move the pins and wires around and move the steel rings.

In the end it worked,except for the bone graft where the two ends of new bone grew together-I somehow cracked that sucker,so they put in what’s called a tibial nail-look that one up on You Tube,and you’ll have a great idea of how bad that shit hurts.

All during that,I kept pain meds way down-even the docs couldn’t believe it.

As if that wasn’t enough medical bullshit-in 2013,I had what I thought was just a winter cough/cold. So,me being hardheaded and wanting as little to do with hospitals as possible,

I layed on the couch for 5 days waiting for the shit to get better-day 6 I couldn’t breathe enough to talk to call 911 myself.

ER docs said holy shit-that’s the biggest pneumonia we’ve ever seen-you gotta go to this hospital and this pulmonary surgeon. So,that ended up being a 12 hour surgery,then they had to take me back in for a couple more hours.

This asshole surgeon tells my wife and kids-“I don’t expect him to make it through the night”

So on my 5th day in ICU,I wake fully up,and there’s a tube down my throat and I’m hooked up to a breathing machine. Me being me,and having been through this shit before-I check to see if they had my hands tied to bed rails-nope-so I start ripping that sucker out.

About 5 nurses,my sister-who’s a RN,and my wife walk in.

My thought was this thing is comin outta me like right fuckin now.

Too many of ’em holding me down for me to pull it out the rest of the way,I know they next thing they’re gonna do is shove that thing back in,so I bit down on it so they couldn’t move it.

Then one of the docs walks in and sees what’s going on-he tells the nurses to stop trying to shove the tube back in. He looks at me and says I know you want it out-I’ll pull it out,but if you can’t breathe on you’re own,it’s gotta go back in,ok? I just shook my head yes-first thing I said was thank you to the doc,second was I’m thirsty as hell and I’m freakin starving.

That ended up being 6 weeks in the hospital. The surgery to fix my lung hurt worse than any of the broken bones,or the Taylor spatial Frame stuff.

Once I was through that,the pain backed off,and I cut down on meds again.

11 1/2 years total taking morphine and oxycodone every single day.

I don’t know the details of what happened,but the Dr I had did everything legit-had documented medical records/current diagnoses etc. for all of his patients,we all had to sign a contract stating that we would not get any prescriptions for any kind of pain med from and other Dr,that we would only use one pharmacy to fill all our scripts,we got random urine tests,and random pill counts.

That’s how legit pain mgt clinics operate-the piss tests and pill counts tend to get rid of the people who are abusing or selling their meds fairly quickly. I watched it happen over and over for 11 1/2 years.

Ohio also has this statewide computer system -(OARRS)-that logs every prescription filled at every pharmacy-and it’s searchable by person’s name and DOB,every Dr and RN can use the system.


Back to what happened-my guess would be DEA because there was no warning-he was shut down and is no longer practicing medicine. I do not believe the guy was doing anything wrong,and that he truly cared for and tried to help all his patients.

They just go by how many prescriptions for pain meds the Dr’s are writing. Since they’re the feds-they shut the Dr down first,then he or she has to prove his or her innocence

The sudden shutdown left approximately 3,000 patients with no Dr,and no way to get the highly addictive meds they have been taking for ten or more years in many cases.

The ER’s wouldn’t really help us,no other Dr’s would prescribe anything for us once they heard who our old doc was.

How many of those 3,000 either didn’t or aren’t going to make it through withdrawls,and are going to use heroin?

How many already are?

It was hell-it took 9 – really 10 days for me to get through. I wussed out and went to ER about 75-80 hours into it-they gave me a bag of IV fluid and enough Morphine to stop withdrawls,slapped a weak fentanyl patch on me and told me tough it out-you can’t die from opioid withdrawls. So,I felt okay for maybe 18 hours-then back to every bone and joint in my body hurting so bad I layed curled up in the fetal position for most of those days-in between bouts of projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea. You go from freezing cold to burning up-then towards then end,I got night sweats so bad,I was changing the sheets 3x a night.

Then there’s the fact that you can’t sleep. I haven’t slept more than an hour here and there since the night of 10/31 when I took my last morphine pill.

I’m through the drug withdrawl-but man,I hurt,I’m weak as fuck,and I went from 173 or 174# on the day I took my last morphine pill to 143#.

At least I’m up and moving now-did new rotors and brake pads on wife’s van yesterday, and it didn’t hurt me too bad.

I’m using this stuff called CBD oil to help with pain-works ok for me.

After all that medical shit I have gone through-I would rather go through all of it again than go through opioid withdrawls ever again.

I’ll never take another pain pill-as long as .gov goons can dictate who deserves pain meds-no way am I going through that shit again.

People much worse off than me were cut off all meds- this is what happens when government controls every aspect of our lives.

Vote ’em all out.














  1. Codeine, Tramadol, morphine, and whatever.
    Been there, done that, my mind also fk’d up as I battled pain.
    I’d like to say some wondrous treatment got me off the opiate roundabout but it didn’t.
    Just two true friends who locked the doors, cleaned up after me, and detoxed me.
    As you say, it was pure hell!
    Worst bit about it, the doctors were constantly moaning like hell that I needed their regime of drugs.
    Drugs are necessary at times only I learned to say NO to the medical profession and still do.
    My thanks going to Chris and Ian, my friends.

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