A Luddite’s Guide to the Future, by Bill Bonner

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We have so many laws and regulations meant for our own good, our own protection, that it’s impossible to see how anything can go wrong. From Bill Bonner at bonnerandpartners.com:

BALTIMORE – We were disappointed to see the pedestal… naked… forlorn… its statue gone… its purpose defunct.

For more than a century, the bronze statue of Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney – gravely pondering the weighty issues of the mid-19th century – graced the park.

Now he is gone.


Justice Taney’s statue in Baltimore has been hauled off

No Decisions Necessary

Now, we are so much better people.

Because now we have so many rules, regulations, and protocols, we have no choice in the matter. We no longer have to be wise, clever, or good. No pondering necessary. We just have to obey!

For example, you have thousands of choices about which drugs to take.

Many of them will…

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  1. Read it and thought of this.

    George Orwell Author. Probably his most famous book being 1984.
    A future totalitarian world run by the state, controlling everything.
    He was so right, only he got the year wrong.

    He also said:this:-
    If you want a vision of the future,
    imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

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