The Cleveland Clinic’s Abhorrent Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients After Pain Management Practice Abruptly Closed

Posted: November 24, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

On Oct. 20th,2017 the Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care/Dr. Jerome Yokiel was shut down with zero notice to patients. 

Every single Cleveland Clinic Dr refused to help those who had been on pain meds for a decade or more.

As soon as they heard who our Dr was,every single one of Dr. Yokiels patients was told they didn’t need pain meds.

The Dr. who runs Cleveland Clinic’s pain management at Euclid hospital denied every one of Dr. Yokiel’s patients any help at all. Their position was and is-“no one dies from opiate withdrawls”.

I know for a fact-because I was his patient myself-that Dr. Yokiel obtained my medical records,ordered new MRI,and documented the multiple reasons that long term opiate pain meds were the only way to control my chronic pain. He did the same for every patient.

We were subjected to random urine testing,had to abide by the rules set forth in the contract we all had to sign,and we had all our prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy.

I went to a Cleveland Clinic ER when I was about 70 hours into withdrawls-I wussed out and couldn’t take the pain any longer. 

That was a bad idea-I got maybe 8 hours of relief,then the withdrawls came back even worse.

The asshole ER Dr outright lied in the paperwork concerning my ER visit.

The piece of shit-and that’s what he is-lied and claimed I was getting prescritptions from multiple Dr’s.

Ohio has a statewide computer database that tracks every prescription for controlled substances-(OARRS)-for the entire 11 1/2 years I was a pain mgt patient-every prescription came from Dr. Yokiels office-with the exception of post surgical meds which Dr Yokiel was aware of and agreed was the proper med to add to what I was already taking,and one prescription for an acute injury from falling on ice-which was also written with prior approval from Dr. Yokiel’s office.

The whole point of the pain mgt contract and the urine tests is to weed out the drug seekers-it works I saw a whole lot of people get kicked out of the pain mgt program over the years. I never had a bad urine test over those 11+ years.

So,due to lying piece of shit Dr-and I can prove he’s lying-it is or will be entered in the state database that I am a drug seeker.

Then,there’s the whole issue of how the practice was shut down.

Thousands of us were just cut off of meds we had been on for over a decade-because we had documented medical reasons to be put on long term opiate pain meds- with no notice,no warning-the NE Ohio medical community’s response was “fuck you,you don’t need any pain medication”.

The pain mgt Dr at Euclid hospital-where Cleveland Clinic shut down a level I trauma center-is the biggest asshole I’ve ever met in the medical field-and I’ve met a whole lot of Dr’s over the years.

Had my wife not been in the room with me-I woulda dumped the bottle of piss I filled for the guy over his head before I told him to go fuck himself-sideways-with a rusty chainsaw. I still told him he could go fuck himself.

I can’t prove it-but after a couple weeks of digging for info- I’m 99% sure the DEA shut the practice down using the sleazy policy they enacted to lower the number of prescriptions written for pain meds.

Every pain mgt Dr writes 2 meds for patients,one time release,the other instant release to take in between the time release med,when pain “breaks through”.

The DEA decided that docs writing prescriptions for opiates for breakthrough pain was how they were going to shut down Dr’s prescribing pain meds-assholes.

DEA claims that by writing prescriptions for opiates for “breakthrough pain” pain mgt Dr’s were prescribing the meds for “off label” use. WTF?

This is our government at work-people overdosing and dying from heroin and fentanyl-but hey,we’re taking pain meds away from those who actually need them,so we are fighting the overhyped by the media”opioid epidemic”

Whoever came up with this bullshit deserves prison at the minimum,preferably,they get tossed out of a helicopter from 1,000 feet up.

Every Dr. in the Cleveland Clinic hospital system deserves to be sued,along with Dr. Yokiel,and the freaking DEA.

Tossing a few out of helicopters would probably cause the rest to recall that the  Hippocratic oath Dr’s take starts with the words-“First Do No Harm”.

I’ve been trying for weeks to get enough people together to file a class action lawsuit-I have around 12 people so far.

I have a lawyer who will take the case-he agrees it was way beyond unethical the way were were and are being treated.

The DEA is so freakin clueless that they don’t even comprehend that prescriptions for opiates have been decreasing in Ohio since 2010-morons.

It’s none of the fucking DEA’s business what a Dr. prescribes for his or her patients-as long as the Dr documents the reason-the DEA needs to stay the fuck out of people’s health care.

  1. mark brandt says:

    I’m with you Larry. My wife sent you an email. I had been Dr yokel pt. 13 YR. I HAVE RSD.IM ON THIRD PAIN pump. My pump empetied 2 weeks ago.from a Columbus er to every pain Dr. In the state that I contacted over40 of em every one said it wasn’t their problem. I could of died no one cared . when did ohio drs. LOSE THEIR COLLECTIVE BALLS? dpne for now. okla dude out

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  2. sherwood lacroix says:

    how do get in touch with you to talk about this


  3. Chelle says:

    I would like to discuss this with you or the attorney that may file a class action suit.


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