The Grossly Inaccurate Media Reporting on the Overhyped “Opioid Epidemic”

Posted: November 25, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

We’ve been hearing for at least five years how the “opioid epidemic” is the fault of doctors overprescribing “opioids”

No doctor has ever forced a single one of the morons sticking needles in their arms and overdosing to start sticking a needle in their arm.

There are a statistically insignificant number of “opioid overdose deaths” occurring when people take their meds-as prescribed.

The largest number of deaths are due to heroin and fentanyl/carfentanyl overdoses,followed by people mixing prescription drugs not prescribed to them and/or alcohol with meds. 

These people are not chronic pain patients-they are freaking drug abusers.

All “opioid overdose” deaths are counted together-there is no seperation between heroin and prescription meds-or between legally prescribed meds and black market pain meds.

In Ohio,the DEA cracked down on doctors prescribing opiates in 2010,2012,2013,2015,2016,and 2017.

Opiate prescriptions have been dropping in Ohio since 2010.

Heroin availability has increased sharply during the same time period.

Yet the media-and the morons at the DEA- are still blaming doctors,and accusing legitimate pain management clinics of being “pill mills”.

 Personally,after I was forced to go through opiate withdrawls-I don’t ever want to take pain meds again.

Yes,the meds helped,and allowed me to keep moving for a little over a decade,but when our own f*cking government agencies can just shut down legitimate pain mgt clinics,and force 1,000’s of chronic pain patients to undergo withdrawls-I’ll stick with natural remedies for pain.

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