Old (er) Guys and Deer Hunting

Posted: December 6, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I’ve decided it’s time to start using a game cart-after dragging a deer 350-400 yards through a creek bottom full of downed trees.

It was no problem in my 20’s or 30’s or 40’s,even early 50’s.

At 58 years old-I’m done dragging deer out of the woods-last week’s deer put me on the couch for 2 1/2 days.

There’s a whole lot of game carts to choose from,I’m getting one I saw on a hunting show-you can slide a deer from the cart into the bed of a pickup.

I’m also going to spend a week,maybe two at the place we deer hunt over the summer.

I’m clearing some trails out of the creek bottom I hunt,and planting some food plots so more deer stick around once the surrounding corn and bean fields are harvested.

I shot a doe on Thurs afternoon last week-after sitting in the rain all morning into afternoon. Forecast was for light rain,less than 1/10 of an inch-3/4″ or more rain came down. My fault I got soaked-I took my rain gear out of my hunting pack back on 11/5 when we had wind,rain,and no power for 3 1/2 days. 

When it started raining,I went in my pack for the rain gear and said oh fuck-it’s hanging in the mud room at home.

Hiked back to the truck to dry out a bit around 2:00,swiped my brothers dry sweatshirt and was back in the blind at 3:30.
Shot the doe at 4:07pm from somewhere between 110-120 yards using a .50 muzzleloader,Hornady .44 240gr jhp with a sabot.

The doe turned just as I was about to pull the trigger,so I held off for a few seconds,then shot her just in front of left shoulder-the bullet broke the right shoulder on the way out. I got the heart and part of both lungs with my shot-she still ran about 35-40 yds.

I would rather waste a shoulder roast than a backstrap though.

The last one I shot just behind the shoulder sent about a 3″ piece of rib bone through the backstrap.

So,as I’m field dressing the doe,I look up on the ridge across the creek,and there was a nice 8 point standing there.

I could have made the shot on him from my blind. Now I know he’s there,and we get an extra weekend of gun season Dec 16th and 17th.

That weekend works out to 28 days from the peak of the rut around where we hunt-so that Sat and Sun should be when the secondary rut is in full swing. Does that didn’t get bred in Nov cycle back into estrous 28 days later.

That should mean lots of bucks up and moving-we’ll find out on the 16th.

  1. I hunt mostly in the southeast but it astonishes me that nobody else I’ve met here uses backpacks to carry meat out of the woods. I know it’s mostly a western thing, but I haven’t carried a whole deer out of the woods in years.

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  2. A good decision on your part.
    Only the young, fit, and stupid lug loads.

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  3. mobiuswolf says:

    My game cart is an f250, though I have used the wheel barrow. I am careful where I drop them these days. I’ve been up to the same sort of thing, clearing out the apple orchard and shooting lanes. Extremely helpful.

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