I Had to Open my Mouth and say I Wanted a Dec. Snowplow check…

Posted: December 12, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

So, the weather for last night was an inch or less of snow.

They had that right.

Forecast for today was 1-3″ – we had that on the ground by 8am.

The snow didn’t let up till about an hour ago -(4:30pm)

Tomorrow during day is again 1-3″.

Tomorrow night is 3-5″.

Thurs is 1-3″ during the day, just cloudy at night.

We left at 3am this morning and got home around 4pm this afternoon.

We’ll go back out at 2 or 3am, and might not get home till Thurs afternoon.

Pay period is 1st through 14th and 15th through last day of month.

I’ll get a nice check before Christmas anyhow.

Before we go back out tonight- I gotta put new battery and alternator in truck- it’s a balmy 17 degrees out with NW wind at 26mph.

NW wind means lake effect snow off lake Erie for us, sometimes off lake Michigan and Huron as well.

The geniuses at NOAA/NWS issued lake effect snow warnings for the eastern county bordering PA – (Ashtabula)-and two just to the west of that one-Geauga and Lake counties.

They didn’t get shit- we got it all.

Every snowplow contractor was hours behind because the snow hit about 6:15 am and never let up.

Lots of non- driving morons in ditches, state, county, city, and township plow crews were as far behind as the rest of us.

It was an epic clusterfuck.

We almost got hit by another plow truck that slid sideways coming out of a side street.

His truck would have been in far worse shape than ours- he had a 1/2 ton pickup-  we have a 1ton dually with a salt box that holds 500# or so of salt.

Don’t really want to test that theory though.

I’m about thawed out and dry so time to go throw battery and alternator in truck.

My wife says I ain’t right in the head because I like shoveling sidewalks plowing snow and spreading salt and calcium chloride on sidewalks out of 5 gallon buckets.

Keeps me in good shape.

For the first time in years- the loader operator quit- before it started snowing- so I’ll be sitting in a heated loader plowing a huge parking lot that takes 3-4 hours to do half of it.

I’ll take 6-8 hours in a heated loader and only have to help with sidewalks when they get behind.

I figured about 2 more winters of shoveling/ snoblowing/ salting sidewalks was gonna be it for me anyhow. I might do the loader for 4-5 more winters.

I wanted a Dec snow removal check- I’m gonna get a bigger check than I planned on plus I’ll be sore as hell when it stops snowing.

Works for me.

  1. Couple of inches snow, a little bit of ice, plus temperatures (-3 to -13 C), in the UK have caused chaos. Mainly in people’s minds, mostly in schools and transport.
    Schools because all teachers are wimps or slaves to the H&S culture, and transport (air, rail, and roads) because of under funding and H&S rules regarding public transport.

    As for us? I love snow and ice, it brings out the big kid in me.

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