Attn- Former Patients of Dr. Jerome Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care

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I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going,and need some more former patients willing to be part of the suit.

I was one of Dr. Yokiel’s patients-for 11 1/2 years I took MS Contin-(time release morphine)- and Oxycodone.

When Dr. Yokiel’s office closed with no notice to patients,I was forced to go through opiate withdrawls.

Along with many other former patients,I went to Euclid hospital’s pain management Dr,the guy was the biggest asshole I’ve ever met as far as doctors go.

No Cleveland Clinic Dr. would/will write a prescription for pain meds for any of Dr. Yokiel’s former patients.

Forcing people to go through opiate withdrawls,many of whom had been on pain meds for a decade or more,violates every published standard of care.

This was and is wrong,we were screwed over by the Cleveland Clinic,the Ohio state pharmacy board,the Ohio state medical board,the NE Ohio medical community,and most likely the DEA.

What the Ohio State Medical Board posts on their website is not always what actually took place-keep that in mind.

“YOKIEL, Jerome Bernard, M.D. (#35.059140) –
Solon, Ohio
Doctor’s license to practice medicine and surgery
suspended for an indefinite period of time, but
not less than one hundred and eighty
days. Subject to a $7,500 fine
, interim monitoring conditions and conditions for reinstatement including requirement that the doctor enter into a
subsequent consent agreement incorporating probationary terms, conditions and limitations as determined by the Board. Based on the doctor’s admission that
he is impaired in his ability to practice according to acceptable and prevailing standards of care because of habitual or excessive use or abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that impair ability to practice; and
that he committed an act that constitutes a felony within the state of Ohio, regardless of the jurisdiction in which the act was committed. Agreement effective 11/8/2017.”

Yes- I know what the Ohio state medical board has posted on their website concerning Dr. Yokiel.

I also know for a fact that the DEA regularly cuts deals with doctors which sends them to diversion programs for doctors. It happened to a friend I went to college with a few years ago.

She was not a drug user or alcoholic, but the DEA gave her no choice. It was you go to this program or you lose your license to practice medicine.

I believe the same thing happened with Dr Yokiel.

There was a much more detailed post on the Ohio State Medical Board site,but it’s no longer there,I have a PDF copy of that post,which was the Step I consent agreement between Yokiel and the Ohio State Medical Board.
Anyone who wants to see that one-just shoot me an e-mail,and I’ll send you the PDF.
The way Yokiel’s patients were treated by Cleveland Clinic pain mgt at Euclid hospital was and is abhorrent. Same with just about any other pain management clinic.
Closing a practice abruptly that had thousands of patients,and forcing us to go through withdrawls is way,way beyond unethical.

Let’s sue the sonsabitches who did this,including Dr Yokiel,Clevleand Clinic,the Ohio State Medical Board,and if I’m right about why Dr. Yokiel was shut down-the DEA.

This was done to chronic pain patients by our NE Ohio medical community,and state and likely fed agencies.

Our government and their fake ass “fighting the opioid epidemic” did this to us.

This was not right,and should never happen to anyone who is a chronic pain patient again.

If a Dr decides that a chronic pain patient doesn’t need to be on pain meds-there is an established process for weaning people off of opiate pain meds-

and it sure as hell ain’t the Cleveland Clinic’s f*ck you-no one dies from opiate withdrawls.

If you’re a freakin heroin addict-they’ll admit you and wean you off opiates,and put you in a treatment program-if you’re a chronic pain patient…

The DEA is more interested in shutting down legit pain mgt docs who they feel write too many scripts than they are shutting down heroin and fentanyl dealers.

Think about that for a minute.

Lets sue these sonsabitches so they don’t keep doing this to chronic pain patients.

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  1. Mark Brandt says:

    I was a jokiel pt for 12years. I’ve been fighting my crps for 25 years. I’m sure you’ve thought of this already. My generation tried to change things we knew were wrong thru protest. I didn’t always work but we got the issues to the people. To educate and let the people know our side. And to know who we really are. Until the people know who we are and know what and why we are fighting we will continue to be lumped in with the degenerates. I am sick and tired of the way I’m treated. As the man I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it any more!!!!!!! The time is now we have to get the people to know who we really are. We have got to march on the state capitol brothers and sisters we are still AMERICANS by the LORDS LOVE. We have rights too. We need to take the fight to the enemy. If no one can get a protest going I’m ready willin and able to chain my ass to a to a billboard until the people know how our government considers us throw away people. We are not throw away people!!! Please get back to me. For 2 years I’ve tried to get something started. I’ve sent emale after email and not a one will answer me. I’m sure you’ll contact me because you are my brother,and all our other brothers and sisters are in dire straights also. They will rally to us if we can do this. Because as far as I know no one else is doing anything except lip service. Y’all know nothing will be done if we aren’t willing to do it ourselves . why I know you’ll contact me you don’t wait for others to do the job. If it is the wrong forum for this I apologize. When I found your site I knew I had to put the bee in ya ear. And you’ll tell me if I’m full of hooey. Oh I’ve been on this planet 61years”old is a 4 letter word” .Born and raised an Oklahoman and I don’t run from a fight. So what ya say we start big one. Till then . As I screamed this in the 70s i will scream it again FIGHT THE FIGHT BECAUSE WE ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!


  2. Carol Black says:

    I’m in! I was at ER 2 days after I ran out of Lyrica and norco! THEN I just went last friday to get my refills of lyrica and flexiril and I couldnt! they have suspended his license and the refill werent refillable!!! I hsd to contact on call primary dr. and explain everything to get the refills thru them. Thanks Godd the primary can handle the other two and im off the Norco, turns out I don’t need it anymore!!!! It was actually intensifying my back pains. IM on Ibuprofen in norcos place!!!
    that SOB was stringing me along for 10 years!!!!!!!! I can’t be more angry if I tried.

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  3. Marla White says:

    Can you send me the PDF you have on Yokiel would appreciate it greatly. Thank you

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