Another Gaze Into The Future

Posted: December 22, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From a reader:

Look at failed states, and see how they fail.
Nothing, and nowhere in history, does a gigantic black hole form that sucks all of reality down into itself.
Some areas are relatively unscathed, at least by violence.
Others are apocalyptic hellholes.
Most fall somewhere in between.

Expect the same in any future difficulties where you are.

Baltimorons, Chicongo, Bahstun, DC, and NYFC could expect a rather rough time. Dallas, Miami, Buffalo, not so much.

I doubt we’ll see anything like a civil war, as such.
What we’re liable to get is things working less, or not at all, especially in areas where the margin between functional everyday life and disasterpiece theater is thinner than others.

There will be shortages. Areas that can’t be served by the central government, federal or state, and require more of that 24/7/365, will degrade.
Areas with lesser reliance on Big Brother…

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  1. “I doubt we’ll see anything like a civil war, as such.”
    That’s a sad line because if nothing is done you could end up looking like the UK.
    And I’m thinking no red blooded American wants to end up in the mess we are in through
    bad government.

    So why haven’t we rebelled?
    Probably because the masses, the sheeple, are too busy watching “come dancing”.
    It doesn’t take a lot to distract them.
    After that It’s a numbers game.
    There are just too few of us who care to make a difference.


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