Gotta Love NE Ohio Weather

Posted: December 26, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Last night/ early this morning we went out to clean up the couple inches of snow from Chroistmas eve and Christmas day.

It was 10-12 degrees with wind blowing off and on,first really cold weather of the season,so of course shit starts breaking down.

The Bobcat we load salt with just shut down,the spare skid steer did the same about 45 minutes later.

So,after skating around on frozen parking lots to get to the frozen sidewalks,scraping ice off and salting them

for 7 hours or so,I had to attempt to repair the dead Bobcat and the dead skid steer.

Got the case skid steer going,it was just a fuse. The Bobcat has bigger issues-one of the two positive leads to starter was so corroded it came off when I checked to make sure all the connections were tight.

I’m about 95% sure the starter is smoked because when I rigged up a temporary lead,it still didn’t crank.

So after we go salt all the accounts at 1am or so tonight/tomorrow am,I get to pull the starter,test it,and if it is smoked-go try and find a new one.

Temps tonight will be zero or below,with -15 wind chill temp. Broken down Bobcat is a couple hundred yards from the shop,back in salt shed because shit never breaks anywhere near a heated shop.

wind chill advisory
weather for our area
I’m the one who likes doing this shit in the winter.

  1. chulai1968 says:

    Not meant as a criticism, but you guys might want to do a little more PM (preventive maintenance, for the non veterans out there) during the months previous to the cold ones. “A word to the wise is efficient”.
    The wintertime work you do is necessary, and I respect you all who go out in the weather that the rest of us dread. Stay safe. And…..stay warm. God bless you.
    ….. and have a safe and happy New Year.
    (Bob, in SW Ohio)

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    • gamegetterII says:

      The machines had all the usual pm done back in late Oct.
      Salt corrodes everything.
      That’s why the one positive lead is no longer attached where it should be. Wire had the blue- green color corroded copper gets.
      Pretty sure there were sparks flying and it grounded and fried starter.
      There’s a reason we have backup machines- everything looks fine in fall- then after a month or so of loading salt, when the first cold snap hits stuff breaks down.
      Happens every year, been happening since I started doing snow removal 17 or 18 years ago.


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