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Posted: February 2, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Via Kenny

Please help if you can.

Sometimes the best things you can do for a friend are the hardest. Raising funds for a Friend in need are one of them.
Over the years, both Angel and myself have raised tens of thousands of dollars for those friends, as a matter of fact Angel’s last post was a fundraiser for a friend that lost both of her sons in a car accident.

Today, I’m doing a fundraiser for Angel over the loss of her daughter.

There’s never a good time for such a tragedy, never. This one is especially bad for Angel’s family. Her and her husband had closed on a new home just yesterday, one in a town that had a special school for her daughters’ disabilities. Anybody that’s ever purchased a home knows how that can drain a bank account with all the fees and costs, not to mention the down payment.
Needless to say, money is an issue right now. If Life was fair, money would not matter at a time like this, but Life is never fair.

Pain. Stress. A loss. Finances shouldn’t even be a worry right now. Money should be the furthest thing from their minds at a time like this. We can’t do much for the pain and stress, although every one of us wishes we could right now. We can do something about the finances, though.
What I’m asking right now is that you remember all that Angel has done for others over the years, and do the same for her. Please give, and give generously. Her and her family really need the help right now.

Her PayPal address is royapple4@yahoo.com
You don’t need a PayPal account to send money through them – they just process the funds. You can go to www.paypal.comand donate using a debit or credit card.
If you don’t do PayPal or would rather send cash or a check, send your help to me at the address below and I’ll forward it along.

Kenny Lane
PO Box 712
Lafayette TN

Thank all of you very much. I appreciate your willingness to give. I’ve always maintained my readers have the biggest hearts in the world.



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