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This was from post on training Vietnamese locals to be an effective fighting force.

This does a great job of describing a lot of the problems in the “community”.


“The Marines had all of the required skills, knowledge and equipment to take the villagers and mold them into the area’s top force. That can happen in the US as well so long as we eventually figure out a few sides. But right now, there are not many to be distinguished. In the article, you’ve got Marines, CACO fighters, villagers, VC… Im the US, what have we? Let’s start by defining OURSELVES. We still fail at that, currently.

Next, we need our version of the Marines in the article. Where are they? Who are they? In any sense, they might need to be as distinguishable from the people they’re attempting to teach as the Marines were from the CACO men. Why? I know plenty of good old boys with deer rifles who aren’t going to want to listen to anyone unless they’re an obvious, bonafide, fairly recently ETS’d Special Operations guy, with a couple of similar friends and the equipment to go with it, and those SPECOPS dudes had better be ready to start the training and the fighting right away. In other words, they need to OBVIOUSLY appear to be the SMEs that they are. Otherwise, the US has a lot of people with “III%” or “DTOM” bumper decals who think that their group of five or six friends are all they need to save the county.

I keep preaching the same crap from time to time that we have got to figure out what we are moving toward as a team. If anything. I’m hardcore on limited/non-existent government, but I told someone the other day that I had contacted my Representative about my thoughts on releasing the memo, and the guy I was telling accused me of being a “big government guy”, becaue I had called my Rep… Yeah. None of us seem to be willing to get on the same page. We openly mock each other when we are actually on the same team. You have libertarians going after conservatives, you have this blog openly mocking anyone who supports the Constitution, DTOM flags are mocked in favor of some other new patches that are so esoteric that now we’ve turned into patch wearing hipsters, trying to wear only the latest symbology (Such as 144:1, whatever the heck that is, but I guess the whole point is to keep it secret so only club members know) rather than the stuff that has lasted centuries (DTOM, Appeal to Heaven, Bonnie Blue, Join or Die, etc.)

We have to get on the same team. We have to define a goal, or a set of goals. We have no leadership. No action arm. Heck, only rarely does anyone actually come up with any action to undertake, like Aesop did recently”

Most times when people do come up with a plan to create change and fight back against the leftist nonsense they are met with hostile comments and mocked by those who do nothing more than complain in comment forums.

NC Scout pointed out another problem in response to a comment I made on a post at Virginia Freemans Society-

“Lack of people working together” : Negative. It’s the lack of consequences against transgressors. Some continue to work unabated and continue to cause great damage. Some of them do it on purpose.

When “the time comes” that many project towards as their apex of self worth, consequences for transgressors include a very public bullet to the face. And that’s the nice way to do it. Ask me how the Taliban enforces discipline, I’ve seen it live and in person; it’s not quite as pleasant.

Further, over the internet, no standard for bonafides can exist. One can be whatever the hell they like. Just like that troll from Shaw University that started over at your site and migrated to mine. Uncensored and unverified, they undermine anything and everything actually working towards meaningful change. Even worse are the ones pounding their chests so very loudly in comment sections only to be disability frauds, welfare kings, and otherwise miserable shitfaced failures in real life.

Actions have not had consequences, and that’s the real problem. Some voices have zero value and are in need of silencing.”

He is right.

There are far too many who contribute nothing, and actively work to undermine those who have good ideas and are trying to help others broaden their skill sets.

These people are allowed to continue with their bullshit while facing zero consequences for their actions.

This needs to change. These people deserve to be openly mocked and shouted down for their crap.

Why tolerate those working against every positive thing others are trying to accomplish?

Can’t shoot ’em in the face-but we can tell them to shut the fuck up if they have nothing to contribute.

If they continue to post crap in comments- ignoring them usually works. They just go post crap at other sites where they get a reaction to their trolling.

Unless the liberty/ patriot “movement” gets it together, Jesse James is right ( see – this post )-the movement will go away like the Tea party did.

  1. IIITurd was one of the voices that was silenced through exposure then ignoring.

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    • gamegetterII says:

      True- he was an extreme example though.
      There’s still quite a few who criticize any new idea and anyone trying to do constructive things to help others.
      Scammy wanted to be in control and become the

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