One-third of pain patients have comorbid pain

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One-third of pain patients have comorbid pain

There was a study done here in Canada with 4000 participants that demonstrated in patients with chronic pain, one third of them have comorbid chronic pain conditions. However, there was no pattern to this comorbidity. The study was published in the Journal of Pain Research.

In people with comorbid pain conditions there was lower quality of life, longer pain duration and associations with older age and being female. However, it didn’t significantly impact treatment responses. The results did show that sex, age, pain duration, and quality of life were associated with the number of pain conditions. But there was no real pattern to the occurrence of pain comorbidities. The mean diagnosis of pain conditions was 1.45.


  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain – 37.9%
  • Chronic neuropathic pain – 32.2%
  • Chronic primary pain – 25.4%
  • Chronic postsurgical and posttraumatic pain – 20.5%

Chronic cancer pain (76.5%), chronic headache and orofacial pain…

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  1. pgraysurvival says:

    After years of popping codeine for pain, the doc said I needed something else.
    So we started on Tyenol, Tramadol, and Ketomine as NSAIDS are out as I’m on blood thinners.

    Guess what, I’m intolerant to all them.
    Well not exactly intolerant it’s just all pain meds work EXTREMELY well on me aka a little goes a long, long, LO N G way! The weakest dose sending me a bit loopy.

    What’s left? Morphine and “no way” says I.
    Try this patch thingie, low dose, won’t affect you a bit.
    I tried to explain I knew morphine well but he insisted.

    Three hours later I drove back to the docs, feeling great.
    ONLY WAY TOO GREAT FOR DRIVING, and promptly parked in the side of his car.

    As he stood there with me giggling insanely, I remember his words well.
    “Guess you’re intolerant to morphine too.”

    Next day, doc calls. Your script for codeine is waiting for you.

    That I call a win.

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