FDA Continuing It’s War on Chronic Pain Patients

Posted: February 18, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Between the FDA and DEA there has been zero effort to address the actual problems in the so-called “opioid epidemic”.

Prescriptions for opiate pain meds have been declining since at least 2010.

Overdose rates/overdose deaths have been increasing during the same time period.

Yes-there are some shady doctors and “pill mills”,and they are a part of the problem-a small part of the problem.

The biggest part of the problem is heroin and fentanyl.

Another problem is the way the CDC counts “opioid deaths”.

People often overdose with multiple prescription drugs and/or alcohol in their systems.

Others overdose from heroin and/or fentanyl.

All of these deaths are counted together-which creates very misleading stats.

Which the political hacks at the CDC,FDA,and DEA then use to create new prescribing rules that punish chronic pain patients.

Doctors are threatened with loss of license for treating chronic pain patients who have medically documented conditions that require around the clock pain relief.

The U.S. Attorney general is a completely clueless moron as far as treating people in pain goes-the idiot claims aspirin is strong enough.

Wonder how he would feel if he had this device attached to his leg from 2/2009 until 8/2011?

That was 2/2009,at beginning of the long process,more pins/wires/struts were added at various times.

The “device” is called a Taylor Spatial Frame


My doctor actually used two-that’s why 4 rings instead of two.

The doc cutout over 6″ of infected bone from my tibia.

Plus additional cuts just above ankle and just below knee.

There were pins and wires through the bone in multiple locations.

The process was invented in the USSR by a DR named Ilizarov,who perfected the technique by experimenting on prisoners-nice guy huh?

The link for the Taylor Spatial Frame above explains the procedure.

I believe AG Sessions would be screaming for something stronger than aspirin had he gone through that.


The FDA’s proposed new opioid prescribing rules can be found here

Anyone can comment on these changes at the link above.

I was as reasonable as possible in my comment to these morons…

“This is a load of garbage.
Most chronic pain patients take one ER med,and one IR med.
This proposal will leave hundreds of thousands of chronic pain patients in excruciating pain.
These changes will lead to increased suicides,and increased use of street drugs as people seek relief from their chronic pain.
Chronic pain patients are not abusing our meds,and we are not injecting heroin and/or fentanyl into our veins.
Heroin and fentanyl are the problem.
Prescriptions for opioid pain meds have been decreasing since at least 2010-yet the overhyped by .gov agencies and media opioid hysteria continues to focus on prescription pain meds and punish chronic pain patients.
These changes will harm chronic pan patients-they are inhumane,they are barbaric,and they will do nothing to solve the “opioid crises”/”opioid epidemic”.
Our doctors know what works for us-every patient is different,and requires different dosages of meds-the absurdly low 90 MME per day limit will leave people suffering in pain.
These changes will actually increase use of heroin and other “street drugs”,and will lead to even more overdoses,overdose deaths,and suicides.
These changes punish chronic pain patients,who have zero input in these changes,our doctors have zero input in these changes. Political hacks at the FDA,CDC,DEA have no right to dictate what meds can and can not be prescribed to chronic pain patients-that decision should be up to the doctor treating us.
Pain management doctors,and family physicians should not have to fear loss of license from DEA during the course of treating legitimate chronic pain patients with documented medical reasons for around the clock pain management with opiate pain meds because of this opioid hysteria.
This must stop,and it must stop now.
The FDA and CDC are harming chronic pain patients by making it impossible for our doctors to adequately treat our pain.”

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