Dr. Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care Lawsuit Update

Posted: February 23, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

My apologies for the delay in getting info out to those interested.

Between work and a kid in the hospital,my wife breaking her arm in two places,and just life in general,I have not had any time to write a post,or e-mail those interested in lawsuit.

This is what’s going on so far:

Lawyer is filing whatever it is he has to file,after that,there’s a process for lawsuit to get certified as a class action.

At that point,the lawyer/his staff will need to have everyone’s e-mail so that they can get details from each person.

Once that happens,I’ll continue to post updates here,and at https://gamegetterii.blogspot.com/

Not sure how much lawsuit info is available via court websites,I believe it is not public info while lawsuit is ongoing. Should have asked atty,but forgot to.

Once I get a case# for class action,I’ll e-mail to everyone,so you can see whatever info is available via court websites.

The attorney/his staff will also update everyone as lawsuit progresses.

I would like to find more people interested in being part of class action as well,more people is always better  than fewer.

I will e-mail link to this post to everyone who’s e-mail I have.

Legal proceedings take way to long in my opinion,but nothing any of us can do about this.

Back in November,when I first started trying to get class action lawsuit going,I did not think it would take a couple months to get enough people interested to form class action,nor did I know how slowly lawsuits move through the courts.

I’m not a lawyer-I worked 22 years as executive chef in hotels and private country clubs,got sick of always being inside and working every holiday.

Worked in building trades after that,as I did that part time while working foodservice anyhow.

Studied mechanical engineering and architectural engineering in college-what I learned there is a long way from law school.

Guy I was working for in restaurant kitchen talked me into apprenticeship program to become chef-the $$$ at that time was better than what I would have made as engineer-so that’s why work ad college are not related.

Thanks to all who have shown interest in becoming part of lawsuit-it’s going to happen,just took a lot more time and effort than I thought it would.

Anyone else who wants to contact me about lawsuit…

e-mail me @ gamegetterII@yahoo.com





  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Theresa. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I’ve been at the mayo clinic (who want me on pain meds by the way). I got 2 years of records and the return address was:
    Jerome Yokiel MD
    c/o 1111 Superior Ave East
    Suite 620
    Cleveland, OH 44114
    Hope it helps!

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  2. Theresa Meros says:

    Not sure you need my last name, if so just let me know & I’ll give it to you. I sent you an email about wanting to join the suit. Was a pt. of Dr Yokiel since early 2011.


    • gamegetterII says:

      No need for your last name-I’ll update progress here,and via e-mail.


      • Theresa Meros says:

        Does anyone have any ideas on how to retrieve our medical records from Dr Yokiel. Need more than the crap they sent if you were so inclined at the time to request what they would hand over.

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      • Have you ANY knowledge about how we get our medical records from Dr Yokiel. I’m so f—–g (excuse the language) fed up with these doctors. I’ve read and read and read ORC about new guidelines on pain management and prescription drugs. There’s this big thing about acute pain & just a tiny paragraph about chronic pain now labeled “intractable” pain. Maybe you’ve read up on it. I think with the acute pain whatever drug they give you had to be no more than the miliequivalent to 30/mg of morphine. For chronic pain I think it’s 80 miliequivalent of morphine. ALL THESE DOCTORS ARE TREATING DR YOKIELS PTS AS ACUTE PAIN. I’M SICK OF IT. Sorry I went to one of the doctors that they recommended in the letter sent out. As a matter of fact this Dr is in Dr Yokiel office. He is young & the most condescending & patronizing ASS I’ve ever met. I will not go back to that idiot. I have another appt with a pain Dr from the Chardon area at the end of this month. SORRY again for going on a tangent. I had to transfer my medical records from the first pain Dr I was going to to be able to see Dr Yokiel. As far as I know NONE OF US HAVE THESE RECORDS. We are entitled by law to have a copy placed in our hands to take to the Dr of our choice. Am I making sense? Every day gets worse with pain. Do you know where we can retrieve them or maybe you can ask the lawyer you have for this class action suit?

        Thanks for reading the rant


      • gamegetterII says:

        I have asked two different lawyers and some relatives in medical field. We should have had our records by now. Should take no more than 90 days.
        When I find out more – I’ll let you know.


      • Thank you! I’ll try to find out what I can myself. Thanks again


    • gamegetterII says:

      I turned in the release they sent us-never got anything sent to me from Yokiel.


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Theresa. It took me 2 attempts but I got 2 years worth of my records. After they sent the first “records, I wrote a letter saying the 4 office visits they sent were unacceptable. I then finally got 2 years worth after the letter saying it was unacceptable and I needed more records to be treated by another doctor. And I still can’t find a pain management doctor that will help.


      • gamegetterII says:

        I haven’t got a damn thing- no records.


      • I also received the same amount of records sent to me. When I first went to Dr. Yokiel I had to sign papers having my medical records transferred from the last pain Dr. before Yokiel would see me. I’m thinking if we had our records that we might have a chance (but I won’t hold my breath on this).
        1)Where did you send the letter to?
        As long as I have that I’ll give it a try. Thank you so much. I think we all know we have a battle ahead of us. I not only can’t have pain medication for chronic pain, I also just got taken off my muscle relaxer (the one I’ve been on since the 90s) for severe muscle spasms for my fibromyalgia. The rheumatologist that had me on them has not even contacted me to see if I’m doing ok. THEY DO NOT CARE! Whatever happened to the weaning process. I’ve been dealing with stressed induced hives since then. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why these doctors don’t have a backbone. There are different medication guidelines for individuals with chronic pain. Enough of this soap box I get going on. Currently studying up on the Kratom herb & wild lettuce. People have been using these for pain. Wish they would get the medicinal marijuana up & going.
        Thanks again Amanda


      • gamegetterII says:

        I dropped the letter off at Yokiel’s old office-I went to appt with new Dr. that’s there. He only wants to give injections. Colleen was still working for a few weeks after Yokiel’s office shut down.
        Kratom does help me,that’s what I use for pain. I don’t buy pre-made capsules,there’s a place in Bedford called Spirit Apothecary,I buy kratom and capsules there. They sell a machine for filling capsules that’s a big help if you find kratom helps you. I think the machine was about $25.00.
        One of the owners there is very knowledgeable about herbal and botannical medicine.


      • Thanks for replying. I’ll write the letter to the office thanks again for the information. I saw the Dr in Y okiels office. He’s the most condescending, patronizing a – – I’ve ever met. I won’t go back to him. The only thing he kept telling me (had 2 appointments with him) & kept telling me & kept telling me was if I was looking for opiates there he wasn’t giving them (never asked him for opiates) just asked him what could he do for my problems with pain. Oh and yea he then asked me if I had tried aspirin or Tylenol. Not going back he’s NOT going to be my Dr.. I’ll let you know what I hear after the letter. Thanks again

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      • gamegetterII says:

        We have a similar opinion of the guy- I told someone else he was a condescending young prick.
        He also has multiple medical degrees- besides anesthesiology/pain mgt he’s a psych Dr.
        If I want psychoanalyzed- I’ll go to a psych Dr. Not a pain mgt Dr’s job.


  3. pgraysurvival says:

    Sorry to read about your family problems.
    Hoping everyone is on the mend now.


  4. susanjh says:

    Thank you for the update Larry! Can you share what law firm will be handling this case?

    Thank you, Sue H. ________________________________


    • gamegetterII says:

      At this point,the attorney does not want me to share that info.
      Reason being he does not want office to get flooded with calls/e-mails when there is no additional info available.
      Once certified as class action-then his office will contact everyone.
      That is what I agreed to last time we met.
      Makes sense to me-when it’s time for his staff to collect info from all those interested,they will initially contact everyone via e-mail,then someone from his staff will need to ask questions/answer questions from everyone.


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