Please save our HOMELESS VETS

Posted: April 1, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Sharing this because I was asked to help spread the word…

“I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. This came about as a way to help with my depression from the PTSD, it got me out again & gave me a huge sense of purpose for the first time in a very long time. I began a few years ago helping homeless veterans. It’s rewarding, emotional & difficult work. I go find Veterans in the homeless camps & give them anything I have to help keep them warm. I give them information about programs the Alaska VA has to help get them off the street & connected with the VA for immediate mental & physical coverage until their DD214 is located. I’ve been doing all of this with my own funds. We took a homeless Veteran named Charles F. Burt jr. in after his son passed in July. We showed him a more genteel life & he loved it. He couldn’t wait to get his benefits, his own place, he learned to laugh & love life & himself. It was the most amazing gift. He passed on 11/10/2017 from complications from a very bad septic infection. We miss him very much & I will continue my work in his memory. Just two nights ago a Veteran left the Domicillary, his family was supposed to meet him & pick him up but they didn’t show. It was -15 outside that night. He didn’t make it. Each Veteran has a different story about how they got to the point they were homeless. Mostly Drugs & Alcohol because they were trying to self medicate. They lost families, good jobs, homes & more. Every single one of them needs Mental help. A lot of them TRULY believe that no one cares about them anymore. All we see are homeless bums when they are so much more than that! They need to know love. Each blanket, coat, pair of gloves, hats, hand warmers, wool socks, scarves, tent, Medicine, sleeping bag & meal are so appreciated. I’ve helped 17 veterans off the street & into “normal” life again. There are several who choose to be homeless. It’s an emotional & mentally difficult situation to deal with in Anchorage because it’s so visible but no one does anything to help them. Everyone says how much they “Love our Veterans”, “Support our Veterans” but no one donates time or money. Please help me continue my work! It may be small but it makes a HUGE difference in a homeless Veterans life. If you’re appreciative of your freedom, blessed in life, please donate. Thank you, please Support & Share as much as possible. Winter in Alaska is NO JOKE, people are freezing to death sleeping outside unprepared & unprotected. Good intentions don’t buy warm, needed goods. During this season of blessings, please donate generously. It will be appreciated more than you could imagine. Thank you in advance for your support & generosity!”

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