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Western Rifle Shooters Association

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The fastest way that I know of to obtain or verify zeros is in a NRA mid-range prone match. 2 sighters and 20 shots slowfire for record in 22 minutes at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. Iron sights or scopes. Slings or on bags. Who cares about the winner. A few hours on a Saturday and you got your dope. Maybe learned something about the wind too. BTW, long range starts at 800 yards. It always has. And that 16 year old junior shooting next to you with the iron sighted 20 inch AR will marvel how easy it is…

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  1. I have a question. 200 yards plus, Why?
    There can’t be a lot of townships or cities in the West where that sort of range on the streets will come about.
    Top cover maybe needs range but once the ground shooting starts, is range really a factor, practically thinking?

    Asking the question of the knowledgeable.
    LEO’s, hunters, vets or not.
    How many regularly engaged over 100 yards in cities or townships or on a hunt for deer?
    I’m betting not a lot in urban or against deer in woods.

    Sort of sharpens your thinking a bit about what Cal and which long gun would be of most use.


    • gamegetterII says:

      In the western U.S. a lot of mule deer, elk,antelope, and bighorn sheep hunting is done at 300 yds plus.

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      • (Smile), you have choice and space.
        The best we get here is rats, foxes, cats, dogs and them absolutely lethal hedgehogs in urban places.

        When we want anything bigger, the country-wise trap. Those who are feckless shoot from a hide, up close, using moderated weapons.

        Some fools go out and try their luck with low power crossbows which severely annoys me being an deer ex-stalker. But that’s only talking about potential food sources.

        Our main problem have two legs which I’m pretty certain is the same for you watching your news reports.. So I go back to self defence being urban rather than hunting. Thus range only really comes into it with handguns.

        As a note.
        Recently there has been a change of tactic by urban home owners and the crossbow in back in favour.
        Score so far? Two not very happy home intrusion aholes. Best bit about it was both users were female.
        Bet that didn’t make the news where you are.

        Some have had enough and it’s beginning to show.


      • gamegetterII says:

        Never made the news here at all.

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      • I would wonder BUT not a lot of ‘good over evil’ ever makes the media whatever side of the puddle it happens on because of Liberal minded censorship.


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