An Improvised Directional Wire Antenna

Posted: June 22, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


IMG_1417 - CopyA question from MT-01 over at Lower Valley Assembly:

I have a neighbor who was a special forces engineer sergeant in Vietnam. I helped him get his amateur license. Sometimes we talk about radio comms in Vietnam. He tells one story where the comm sergeant put the end of his antenna into a stream in order to make a contact. Is that feasible? I keep wondering if he misunderstood what he saw, and they guy was grounding something instead of using it as an antenna. If it didn’t ground the signal, I guess that I could see it being a really long wire antenna, but if it worked at all it’d just work as a NVIS I would think. I’ve tried googling the idea, but haven’t found anything. Thought I’d run it by you.

longwireThe antenna was most likely a variation of the Longwire, using the water as a…

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